The Mountaintop Book Store To Host Time Machine Prototype Demonstration with Marshall Barnes

The Mountaintop Book Store will host the lecture and demonstration of the Verdrehung Fan™ by Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng at 7 PM in Clayton, Ohio on November 9th. This will be the first ever public demonstration outside of a school.

The Mountaintop Book Store will host a multimedia lecture and demonstration of the Verdrehung Fan™ Friday, November 9th from 7PM to 9PM at its 6967 Salem Pike store in
Clayton, OH.

"The True Physics Of Time Travel, with Marshall Barnes - featuring the first functioning time machine prototype in the world - the Verdrehung Fan™, will have Marshall, a research and development engineer in advanced concept science and technology - and the leading expert on time travel, answer all of your questions as he ends the mystery of how time works and time travel is possible. With the Verdrehung Fan™ research, he expects that real time travel, at least on a small scale, will be a reality in the next 30 months or less. Marshall will show exclusive research videos with his STDTS warp field, and how he made Tesla's wall of light a reality, plus he will demonstrate live the Verdrehung Fan™ and show how the STDTS field warps space around it, causing acceleration that could theoretically be scaled up to create time-like curves.

Much of the presentation will be a first anywhere, although some segments have been seen on a very limited basis on the science circuit, such as the USA Science and Engineering Festival. Others, however, will be making their debut at this stunning event.

Marshall has recently appeared on the Joshua P. Warren and Richard Syrett radio programs and is scheduled for a November 26th appearance on's The Chosen. This will be an opportunity to see the Verdrehung Fan™ up close and operating only a week after it will have made its grand debut at the physics classes of Matthew Christ of Grandview Heights High School in Grandview, Ohio. Marshall is currently in first place in the race against the famed University of Connecticut physics professor, Ronald Mallett, to build the word's first time machine. Mallett has been featured in much media and has a book published about how he was inspired to learn to build a time machine, because of the death of his father when Mallett was just a boy. However, Mallett has not yet built a machine based on his rotating ring laser design - after more than ten years, and now has fallen to second place in the face of the Verdrehung Fan™, which is approaching the first stage requirement for becoming an operational time machine. There is now an official web site for this competition -

Admission to this historic event at the Mountaintop Book Store is only $20, and offers the opportunity to get an autographed copy of Marshall's new book, The Geometries of Time Travel, and have pictures taken with Marshall and the Verdrehung Fan™ in full operation. Call The Mountaintop Book Store at 937-837-6807 for more information.


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