The Mid Maryland Musculoskeletal Institute (MMI) Go Live with SurgiMate ESRM to Transform Surgical Scheduling

The Mid Maryland Musculoskeletal Institute (MMI) select SurgiMate ESRM to manage their surgical scheduling process more effectively.

SurgiMate, the market leader in surgical scheduling solutions, has announced that the Mid Maryland Musculoskeletal Institute (MMI), a nine surgeon orthopaedic practice in Frederick, MD, has gone live with SurgiMate ESRM.

"Efficiency is everything," said Quinten Davis, chief operating officer at MMI. "As a large and diverse orthopaedic musculoskeletal practice, we needed a tool to help us manage the surgical scheduling process more effectively."

Prior to SurgiMate ESRM, MMI's surgical scheduling workflow was a laborious, manual process. Even after implementing a new EHR system, the surgical scheduling was still on paper. All of the forms were completed by hand, paperwork was transferred manually to the insurance & billing departments, and multiple paper calendars were maintained.

"Each surgeon had two separate paper calendars," explained Margie Kelly, surgical scheduling manager. "One paper calendar would sit on the surgeon's desk and the other was in the scheduler's office. Considering we have nine surgeons and five different office locations, the surgeons were never looking at the most up-to-date calendar, and we could not always schedule surgeries with an accurate date."

SurgiMate ESRM provides one central system where staff can access all of the information surrounding surgeries. This includes a dedicated surgical calendar that can manage all of the surgeons' schedules within one application. This calendar is updated in real-time and can also be synchronized with a surgeon's smartphone - enabling the surgeon to access their schedule both inside and outside the office.

"As a manger, I'm going to use the calendar in SurgiMate ESRM to ensure each surgeon's block time is maximized," said Kelly. "The reporting features will also enable me to see how many surgeries were scheduled, cancelled, or withdrawn, and if there are any trends emerging."

SurgiMate ESRM will also automate the entire workflow at MMI, eliminating the paper trail. All hospital forms, insurance forms and patient letters will be generated with the click of a button. Information will be transferred electronically between departments, and authorizations will be tracked using an electronic checklist.

"Now we will be able to schedule surgeries more efficiently and with greater accuracy," added Kelly, "and we will have more control over the workflow."

"MMI selected SurgiMate ESRM after performing a thorough analysis of all of the available options to improve their surgical scheduling workflow," said Justin Rockman of SurgiMate. "We congratulate MMI on their successful transition and commend the team for their hard work. SurgiMate looks forward to continuing to work together with MMI to further improve their processes, maximize their surgical revenue and help deliver the highest quality of health care for their patients."

"We are excited to see the changes SurgiMate ESRM will bring to our office," added Davis. "Particularly as we look to expand our practice, SurgiMate ESRM will play an integral role."


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