The Leading Supplier of Veterinary Drug Products Comes Up with An Effective Pest Treatment

SAVAVET is the leading supplier of veterinary drug products taking care of pet safety and keeping the pet healthy. SAVAVET provides safe and effective medicines to pets and takes proper precaution to provide side effect free medications.

The leading supplier for veterinary drug products, SAVAVET provides the best product for flea and tick control taking care that the pet's health is not compromised at any cost. One of the company's product Fiprofort Plus Spot On dog flea medication is effective in keeping off fleas and ticks as well as chewing lice.

Fiprofort Plus Spot On is effective in killing all stages of fleas and ticks and controls paralysis ticks for as long as two weeks. It is also an effective chewing lice medication and prevents re-infestation. Effective in killing ticks and fleas, the best part of Fiprofort Plus Spot On is that it is a flea allergy dermatitis treatment. It is easy to apply this with accurate dose since the Spot On is convenient to squeeze and the Spot On application stays effective for a longer duration of time.

SAVAVET, the prominent flea and tick medicine supplier has Fiprofort Plus Spot On for both cats as well as dogs which is a great relief for pet lovers. This is especially essential when someone has a pet cat and dog, fleas, and ticks can easily be transferred from one pet to another. The Spot On can be applied at the back of the neck and this prevents the pet from accidently licking the medication.

Being a prominent generic manufacturer of veterinary medicines, SAVAVET stays in the forefront of providing health care products to pets. Being the leading Indian dog flea and tick products manufacturer, SAVAVET is steadily emerging in the international pet health market.

SAVAVET has always been in the forefront for providing pet health medication using cut edge technology. With the only view to serve pet lovers, this leading generic manufacturer of veterinary medicines takes care of pets understanding the sentiments of pet lovers.

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SAVAVET is the extension of SAVA legacy to craft its leadership in the highly evolving global animal health market. SAVAVET offers virtuous and impeccable products that not only nurture the health but also augments the true spirit of companionship.

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