The HolidayCheck Destination Award 2012

For the first time, HolidayCheck awards seven towns in seven countries as the most hospitable destinations with the Destination Award 2012. HolidayCheck presents the seven winners of 2012!

HolidayCheck Destination Award: These are the most hospitable towns of 2012
This is where guests feel best

The very first Destination Award by HolidayCheck is here. Out of thousands of places in seven countries, these seven towns have shown the most hospitality to their guests in 2012. Nowhere have guests felt as well as they did in these towns! And the winners are:

Germany - Bodenmais
Austria - Großarl
Switzerland - Pontresina
Russia - Moscow
Czech Republic - Marianske Lazne
Spain - Costa Calma
Italy - Meransen

More than 450.000 travelers have reviewed hotels all over Europe in the last 12 months. In these reviews they can state whether or not they would recommend the hotel to other travelers. Furthermore, they rate the hotel on a scale from one (very poor) to six (excellent) suns. Based on these reviews and opinions, HolidayCheck has found the towns with the best hotels and guest houses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, Spain, and the Czech Republic. They will be presented the HolidayCheck Destination Award 2012 as the most hospitable town in their country.

This award is to acknowledge destinations' effort in making travelers' stays with them as pleasant as possible and communicate their guest-friendly nature to future travelers. It shall serve as an official sign to be used by destinations to promote tourism and serve as an acknowledgement of those that contributed to the good reviews and ratings.

Georg Ziegler, Head of B2B: "The popularity of a destination corresponds with the quality of its hotels. We at HolidayCheck are glad to award these towns because of the many satisfied guests. The award recognizes the special attention that these towns give their guests, and also appraises hotel managers' engagement on"

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