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The HAMANN BMW X6M Tycoon Body Kit

The BMW X6M is probably the favorite vehicles of BMW enthusiasts who are looking for a car with efficient space, utility, and satisfaction.

The BMW X6M is probably the favorite vehicles of BMW enthusiasts who are looking for a car with efficient space, utility, and satisfaction. If you're a BMW X6M owner or may wish to own one, then you may likewise want the HAMANN BMW X6M Tycoon Body Kit.

Just what the HAMANN x6 Body Kit Does to Your motor vehicle

The X6 body kit from HAMANN is good for to fit S6m aerodynamics and transforms your BMW X6M silhouette together with the Front Apron 2 or 4 LED variants, wide body arches frontrear, rooftailgate lips in body color and carbon design, and rear end panel diffuser. To complete the dynamic conversion to your BMW, there are also powerful upgrades learn how to allow wheel options 20 to 23 inches.

Other Functions in the HAMANN BMW X6M Tycoon Body Kit

The HAMANN BMW X6M Tycoon Body Kit have front and back wing extensions that are made of light composite materials, which wings allow your body of the BMW expand by an impressive 60 millimeters. The designers of the X6 body kit also enhanced the sides using the newly designed side skirts. The distinctive feature with the front will be the apron with four striking LED daytime running lights. However, the look off the BMW isn't emphasized by the body set, and enlarged air inlets right in front, together with the carbon bonnet, allows air ventilation of the engine compartment to get optimized.

However, on the rear of the BMW X6M, HAMANN replaces the first skirt using its own development. This provides space for the sports exhaust system with the centrally positioned double end pipes. Rear and roof spoilers beautifully design the rearview with the Tycoon Evo M. These factors produce low-swirling airflow over the BMW silhouette, and they render additional downthrust. The optimized exhaust gas flow provides rich performance enhancement. The Tycoon Evo M does not only give you a spectacular shape, the HAMMAN Tycoon Body Kit also provides a powerful performance enhancement for that serial engine.

The metal high end exhaust system with metal catalyzers is easily the most significant part for that enhanced performance and dynamic earthy sound of the TYCOON Evo M. In addition, gleam newly programmed map for that serial motronic, which completes the upgrade, and suspending the rate limit of 250 kmh will give you unrestrained driving pleasures.

The modification with the TYCOON Body Kit towards the BMW X6M helps make the vehicle provide 670 hp493 kW at 6000 RPM and 780 Nm torque at 1500 to five,650 RPM. This totals an excess of 115 hp and 100 Nm compared with the serial version. The HAMANN BMW X6M Tycoon Body Kit indeed improves your BMW X6 in so many ways, in style and performance. Designed to suit BMW X6M aerodynamics, this kit would certainly provide you the satisfaction you are searching for on your BMW outlook. You can order this kit from West Coast Motorsport.

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