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The Greenlid's New Compostable Organic Waste Container Challenges People To Clean Up After Themselves

Featured on CHCH News Hamilton, Canadian-based entrepreneurs and brothers create 'The Greenlid' solution, a set of compostable containers that solves the problem of messy, smelly organic garbage disposal with ease.

Changing the compost bag periodically, wiping off the drips, and cleaning the compost container for next use can be a tedious and unpleasant routine. Many times, people would opt to simply throw the container out - instead of reusing it - to avoid dealing with bags that leak and dirty containers every time.

Brothers, Morgan and Jackson Wyatt, have created a new solution to this previously messy task after extensive research and testing.

"Composting provides many benefits to the soil and the environment. Why not have a container that eliminates all previous problems of disposing of organic waste and make the container itself be completely compostable. Plus, the compost quality dramatically improves in the process?" said Morgan Wyatt from Brockville in Ontario, Canada, Co-Founder of The Greenlid project.

The Green Lid is made up of two parts including a fully compostable container and a reusable, dishwasher friendly lid to conceal the organic contents and their unpleasant odor. With this completely compostable organic waste container, there is no need for bag liners or cleaning. The container itself, along with its contents, can be disposed of directly into outdoor bin or pile, and composted in home composts and municipal organic waste programs.

Launched via Kickstarter, the project accepts financial backing for 33 days, and will only be funded if at least CAD25,000 is pledged by March 16th, 2014. The project has currently earned CAD7,239 pledges.

"The funds we raise with this kickstarter will help us purchase the final moulds for the lid and meet minimum order requirements with our Canadian Manufacturer," added Jackson.

Each greenlid container measures 6.5 inches high and 8.5 inches in diameter. It is made from 100% post-consumer end-of-life recycled paper that can no longer be used for any other purpose. In order to prevent leakage, the greenlid also contains natural mineral additives. It is also supplied with a compostable lid for a no-mess disposal and able to handle the wettest organics.

"Working alongside our manufacturer, we are creating a formulation that can both withstand wet organic waste and be eco-friendly," he continued. "The greenlid helps make composting clean and easy for everyone."

Gaining more backers as the Kickstarer campaign continues, The Greelid was also recently featured on CHCH News Hamilton.

To learn more about this new and innovative the Greenlid project on Kickstarter, please visit for information and to make your pledges.

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