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A Unique Gift Based On Cutting Edge Scientific Discovery with Educational Value

Dr. James Enderby Bidlack, noted Professor of Biology, research scientist and author, announced today that his newest venture, The Genome Registry, is now fully operational.

The Genome Registry capitalizes on genome sequencing and mapping by offering the ability to name a gene or chromosome from any currently mapped organism for yourself, a loved one, or anyone. This novelty gift brings a fun and educational component to serious biological research and discovery. It also makes great birthday, anniversary, and holiday gifts that show both intelligence and creativity.

The Genome Registry is fully committed to enhancing the scientific value of their product by donating a portion of every customer registration to a scientific research or wildlife preservation nonprofit organization.

According to Dr. Bidlack, who is Vice President and Chief Science Officer at The Genome Registry, "the assigning of pseudonyms, or nicknames, to parts of the genome may initially be ignored by many within the scientific community. We have, however, seen many instances where pseudonyms have become the common reference for scientific designations. One only has to look at Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in the medical community, which is now commonly referred to as 'Lou Gehrig's Disease;' and, in astronomy, where seven stars in Ursa Major are commonly called 'The Big Dipper.' I am confident that, over time, something similar will happen within various genomes."

Registration with The Genome Registry (at provides a letter of congratulations, acknowledging the individual's contribution to science education and research; a personalized chart containing a detailed graphical representation of the customer's genomic component; and, a personalized full color parchment certificate with the genomic component name, data description and date of issuance.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. James (Jim) Enderby Bidlack
Vice President and Chief Science Officer
The Genome Registry

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