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The Future of the Music Club

The music/record club of the digital age has finally arrived

I remember back in the 60's when I would get my monthly mailer from the Columbia Record Club and a few years later the RCA/BMG Record Club, I was always anxious to see what the monthly offer was. You would decide to accept the monthly selection or pick out a different one then wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive in the mail.

That was back then and now we live in the digital age so it was only a matter of time until the Music Club evolved digitally. SRI Records and SRI Jazz have just created the Music Club of the future. The SRI Music Lovers Club allows everyone to pick a genre (jazz, blues, rock or country) and then receive an mp3 each month in their inbox from the vast SRI catalog of music by major stars. This means no waiting for snail mail to arrive and this is a much less expensive way to collect your favorite music.

The SRI Music Lovers Club offers a 2 year subscription for only $19.95 but during their introductory launch period the cost is only $15.95 for 24 songs. Typically when you buy digital songs they cost 99 cents each so The SRI Music Lovers Club is a much less expensive way to fill out your music collection. The SRI catalogs contain everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Johnny Cash and from Etta James to Little Richard plus the best new artists in each genre allowing everyone to pick their favorite genre and then receive a great classic track each month.

The launch period pricing is only for a limited time. Enjoy all the music you love, get all those tracks you have always wanted for your digital collection, now is the time to fill up your mp3 player or i-pod. The future of Music Clubs has arrived and it's called The SRI Music Lovers Club.

For additional information contact Shelly Liebowitz at or by phone at 818-299-6297

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