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The FreeStyle Life Film Exhibition Salutes 2013 Filmmakers, Audience, Sponsors, Cultural Agencies

While often filmmakers struggle to find an authentic platform to showcase their work, The FreeStyle Life has broken down the traditional barriers of film distribution; and has empowered and engaged emerging countries, filmmakers, film lovers through

The FreeStyle Film Exhibition has now entered its final stage and has now turned to its international audience members to determine through their votes the winners of 2013 FreeStyle Life Film Exhibition. The FreeStyle Life Film Exhibition wants to recognize and thank its passionate and dedicated audience members, along with the Film Exhibition's sponsors, supporters, and the entities that have enabled the 36 filmmakers to compete, be showcased, and be judged on a global scale. The FreeStyle Life Film Exhibition has enriched global cinema by uniting audiences through accessibility and technology.

Each film in competition would not have been possible without the support of each filmmaker, their families and friends, and the support of the filmmakers' native countries. For example, the short documentary July 1st, An Unhappy Birthday, directed by Miao Li of Hong Kong, was made possible by Hong Kong Arts Development Council; and Argentina's Fable directed by Agustín Falco received support from INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine Y Artes Auidovisuales).

The premier film exhibition provides a global launching pad and an international platform for filmmakers to showcase, distribute, and engage both a local and international audience. The FreeStyle Life has broken down traditional barriers to truly democratize the film festival experience, leveling the playing field for independent filmmakers. Chief Publishing Officer Mary Kate Roach describes their approach as "taking indie above ground". The FreeStyle Life relies on its own platform to present the 2013 Film Exhibition which enlists some of the top technology providers to pull off this enormous feat, including Google, YouTube, and Brightcove. The winners of each category will also be awarded a copy of Showbiz Budgeting Software to simplify the accounting, scheduling, etc. of their next project.

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