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'The Devil's Breath' - A New Feature From Julian Juaquin

Julian Juaquin, the talented director and writer, presents to us a tale based on the infamous South American drug, The Devil's Breath.

'The Devil's Breath' follows Sandra (Susana Victoria Perez), a dangerous woman who has been maneuvering herself through the streets of New York, taking advantage of men by luring them with her beauty and then dosing them with the drug called 'The Devil's Breath'. She takes everything from them, leaving them penniless. Soon the police are on her trail, and she looks to skip out of town before it's too late.

Julian Juaquin is known for Your Mother Is a FB (2013), Torment (2014) and The Legend of El (2013). Monte Bezell speaks Spanish and Arabic fluently, as he is both Arab and Spanish. As a child he soaked up the arts from both cultures and the benefits of the melting pot called New York City. After going to Miami to study at Florida International University, he traveled abroad throughout the Caribbean, South and Central America. He is working on various projects as an actor and producer with his business partner, and friend Ali Abouomar at Xpress Films. Felipe Bonilla was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and raised in Bogota, Colombia. He attended CESA University where he became interested in acting and the arts. Felipe studied acting at the prestigious Casa del Teatro Nacional under the guidance of Blas Jaramillo and Pilar Acosta. After moving to New York in 2003, Felipe attended HB Studio where he studied with Jill Clayburgh, Austin Pendleton, Karen Ludwig and Laura Esterman.

Directed by Julian Juaquin. Produced by Monte Bezell. Also starring A.B. Lugo, Felipe Bonilla, and James Finelli.

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