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The Countdown Begins! Get Ready To Learn English With Sing2learn Mobile App

Karaoke Sing2Learn is a mobile application developed to run on iOS and Android based phones for those who want to learn English in a creative and highly-effective way. All set to launch by 17th February this year

Mastering a language is not so easy and when it comes to learn English, loads of material, dedicated hours of practice, mentoring, assessments and evaluations are all required in a conventional way of learning.

How about learning English without the need to do any of that above? What about learning English without need of a dictionary or a classroom?

The answers is Karaoke Sing2Learn mobile app that would help users learn English without cramming, but just by singing songs with fun and enjoyment. That's true, all you would have to do is to listen and sing to songs in English whilst seeing the simultaneous translation on-screen underneath. The integrated karaoke player will allow you to record your way of singing to match with that of the original one. It's not completely new but a method used by many schools. All we have done is taken it to a new professional level.

On its initial testing stage, the app's performance was promising. Integrated with extensive functionalities with a user-friendly interface and minimal resource engagements, the application worked flawless on most of the devices running different android versions and iOS. This app would definitely find its place among the best ranked karaoke apps available today.

It's time to accelerate your learning and if you want to overcome the barrier of English language, Sing2Learn it's the perfect application to make your learning process fun-filled and interactive. See the app launching at your favorite app store on 17th Feb 2014.

About Karaoke Sing2Learn App
Karaoke Sing2Learn is an initiative to make English learning enjoyable and easier. Embedded with variety of genres to select the songs of choice and even the translate into the native language of its user, the app can also test your learning skills through written and verbal tests. To know more just visit @

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