The China Mineral Company Sees Little Damage to Their Mining Operations, but Locals Residents are not so Fortunate

Amidst the disaster resulting from a massive mudslide and flooding throughout the Gansu Province, China Mineral Company has pledged to help local residents and business affected by the natural disaster.

CHINA- China Mineral Company officials have released public statements pledging that the mineral mining company, whose main operations reside in the affected areas, will have un-relentless support for victims and those inflicted by the massive natural disasters that have crippled the area.

"Just as our company has been affected by these terrible events, we realize others have as well, which is why we have devoted any extra time and effort available towards helping local people and other business we are closely connected to in beginning the rebuilding process" said Vice President of Operations Zhao Xiaofeng.

China Mineral saw minimal damage to their mining facilities and expects to be operational once again by the closing of this week. Their equipment was safe and secure during the initial mudslides, and the specific area of the mines saw minimal damages. All machinery was stored in secure locations as flooding gripped the region and the company is happy to report no employees have reported any injuries as a result of the natural disasters.

The locals in the area however have lost homes, friends, and livelihoods, but China Mineral Company with help from local authorities has begun to help in whatever ways they can to relieve some of the victims from the burdens the events have caused.

China Mineral Company will keep those concerned updated with the information they gather, and the developments from the affected areas. The China Mineral Company sends its condolences to those and their families affected by the terrible recent event and hopes the area sees a quick recovery

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