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MobVD com, a renowned website known for showcasing versatile Punjabi and Hindi videos now expands to include all the South Indian language videos.

"South India has four distinct film industries each garnering millions of revenue every year. There is lots of untapped potential in the market and we plan to profit with its mind blowing music", says the creative head of True to his words, Telugu movies and Tamil movies are gaining international attention in the past five years. Telugu movies easily beat the collection of Hollywood movies even in countries like the USA.

Tamil movies are extremely famous all over South East Asia and the Kannada film industry is now gearing up with several new experiments to catch up with the race. There are millions of fans for Telugu hd videos, Tamil hd videos and Kannada hd videos shown in the internet. But unfortunately, there isn't one good website where one can find all the regional language hits together other than YouTube. Several music lovers have dreamt about a dedicated music site showcasing only Indian regional language songs. makes their dream come true with its amazingly high quality videos listed under various categories like artist name, film name and language name.

A relatively new site, still has to cover miles before it establishes its goal. But, it has already made its way towards the top 10 listing in many review sites. The users of this site rate the video quality great and feel there is ample room for improvement in the future. Be it the award winning Bengali hd videos, rare Kannada hd videos or the world famous Telugu hd videos, there are abundant links for you to explore, each containing mind blowing musical videos. The website operates in a fully legal manner and using it will not cause any copyright issue.

The website authorities contact exclusive sources for Tamil hd videos, Bengali hd vidoes and other language clippings, pay a hefty amount to the concerned person and secure the relevant content in its best form. They also get best videos from major sites like YouTube with direct links to them. You can simply like website in Facebook and make all your music loving friends view it. They will love you for showing such an amazing site which works absolutely free of cost. There is no money to download or view the website whatsoever. is probably the only free website providing such high quality videos online in all Indian regional languages.

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