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The Automatic Water System for Animals

Provides fresh water for your petws and livestock all the time!

The Automatic Water System for Animals is a specially designed water trough for household pets, or livestock. The device would be connected to an existing water supply and would be designed to automatically refill when the water falls below a designated level. The unit would be available in different sizes to accommodate any animal, whether pets or livestock. The difference would be the depth and width of the water trough. Located in the back of the unit would be a threaded fitting and installed connection hose that can be easily secured to an existing water line. The water level within The Automatic Water System for Animals would be regulated by a rubber float mechanism, similar to the ones in toilet tanks. As the animal drinks from the water system and the water level drops, the float would naturally drop in accordance with the water level, and the valve would open, releasing fresh water into the tough. Your animals would always have fresh water available when using the Automatic Water System for Animals. Televised test marketing recently completed indicates strong consumer interest in the Automatic Water System for Animals.

The Patent Pending Automatic Water System for Animals was invented by William Bullard, of Lennox CA, who said, "I would like to provide a system for pet owners, ranchers, farmers and the like with a practical item that would ensure their animals were continuously supplied with fresh water."

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