The Age of 24/7 Revenue Cycle Management Services for Physicians

Beat claim rejection blues! 24/7 revenue cycle management support to increase your bottom-line! See a 5% increase in collections and 98% first pass claim acceptance rate.

Revenue Management Solutions To Tighten Workflow Processes

BillingParadise the pioneer in medical billing and revenue cycle management solutions offers medical practices 24/7 RCM support. The healthcare industry has seen a seismic shift over the last few years. Evolving regulations, compliance standards, and patient needs are changing the way a typical medical practice functions.

As, the pressure to streamline, and contain the costs of everyday workflow increases, an increasing number of medical practices are seeking revenue management solutions that can quicken their workflow, decrease the burden of in-house staff and reduce operational costs.

Keeping an ear to the ever shifting healthcare industry's ground, BillingParadise provides, round the clock EMR support, AR management and medical billing services.

Breaking down the complex and fragmented revenue cycle into separate phases and allocating blocks of time dedicated to each major process is the USP of BillingParadise's 24/7 revenue cycle management support.

"Physicians across the US are realizing the benefits of a round the clock billing process and are keen to move away from 8 hour workdays as it simply doesn't work" Linda Maurice the spokesperson of the company said.

This shift certainly heralds a new change in the healthcare industry. When time is at premium, wasting 16 hours a day, is, passй. Firms like BillingParadise are lighting the way for change.

Medical billing and coding services that meet and exceed your expectations. Don't struggle with pending AR and high operational costs. Scale down on both with BillingParadise's 24/7 revenue management and free EMR / EHR / PMS support.

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