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The ABC of Last Minute Flights on Cheap Holidays!

With the rise of budget airlines and last minute cheap holidays, it is often more economical to fly abroad for a break than travel within the UK

With the rise of budget airlines and last minute cheap holidays, it is often more economical to fly abroad for a break than travel within the UK - with the prospect of sun, sea and hot days there are no reasons to limit yourself to domestic travel. When booking a holiday abroad including cheap flights there are a few things to be aware of before you travel - preparation is the key to a comfortable and safe flights - and with our guide to flying, you will be able to relax and enjoy your flight.

All Aboard! Baggage Allowance:
Whether this is your first last minute hotel deal for the weekend or you are jetting away for a 14 day cheap holiday you will want to take clothes for all weathers - beach wear, towels, layers for colder evenings and then there are the shoes - beach shoes, shoes for walking, and of course, outfits to go out at night! Before you realise it your case is full! Checking the weight of your case (and your hand luggage) prior to travelling to the airport can save you time and money! Airlines specify a weight limit on both check in and hand luggage on most flights which forms part of the terms and conditions of your flight - you can of course take extra but the charges applied to these are usually exceptionally high. To be on the safe side, check your paper work and use bathroom scales to check any baggage before you leave home before your cheap flights double in price!

Be Prepared! On Board Refreshments! :
One of the ways that airlines and tour operators reduce costs on low cost holidays is to offer "no frills" packages. If you board the airline expecting complimentary drinks, a meal and plenty of snacks then prepare to be disappointed - most airlines do not offer refreshments as part of the package on standard flights. If you are feeling particularly organised you can pre-purchase drinks and snacks in the airport to take on board - remember you cannot take bottles of liquid through security and these must be purchased in the airport - however most airlines sell drinks and food on board too. Remember to take some cash - either sterling or the currency of your destination - to purchase what you need on board.

Comfort on board! Seating and leg room!
A further difference with low cost holidays is generally the airline seating arrangements. Unlike long haul business class flights where you have a designated seat and can request an aisle, window or fire exit for extra leg room, many last minute flights have a system where you find the first free seat. If you have a particular preference for where you want to sit on the aeroplane it is recommended that you arrive at the airport in plenty of time. When the gate for boarding is announced it is a case of queuing until the gate is opened and at which point the position in the queue will dictate when you can choose your seat. Early arrival and patience will get you to a seat of your preference!

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