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Terry Sacka Explains How To Protect Your IRA With Gold And Silver On The Wealth Transfer Show

Many investors are concerned about the deterioration of paper-based assets in their retirement accounts.Terry Sacka recently appeared on The Wealth Transfer Show to address questions people have on how to secure IRA's and 401k's with gold and silver.

In these times of economic uncertainty with issues such as the fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, potential shortfall in Social Security, Eurocrisis, BRICS, and even the currency wars with China affecting our economy one of the growing concerns of Baby Boomers is securing their retirement. The majority of all individual retirement accounts are funded by paper-backed assets that experience heavy fluctuations in value, often on the downside. Most people do not know that they can now hold precious metals within their IRA, offering a unique hedge against stock market volatility and decline.

Terry Sacka is a financial expert and a regular guest on The Wealth Transfer show and recently appeared to explain how to secure an IRA or 401k using precious metals. Mr. Sacka dicussed his viewpoint of a well-diversified retirement plan that includes precious metals, one of the few assets that demonstrated the ability to retain value even during economic downturn and decline.

In his opening statement on how the global currency wars are affecting the savings in U.S. retirement accounts he explained, "We want it to be there five, ten, fifteen, twenty years down the road. Problem is, if you don't understand the dynamic of money and how the paper money is going down in value versus everything're going to find that what you're saving is going to lose tremendous value."

He gave the following real world example, "Just to give you an idea, in the last ten years, the dollar has lost forty percent of its value. Forty. Which means you're paying four dollars for gas, not one dollar. Where at the same time of course, silver has gone up seven-hundred percent. So you just have to know how to diversify yourself in your asset base and be spread out in a way that protects you. Especially for the IRAs and 401Ks."

A spokesman for his company, Cornerstone Asset Metals pointed out, "Most individuals saving for retirement most likely qualify for a precious metals IRA, but are unaware this choice even exists. Since 1986, the IRS has allowed individuals to hold precious metals with their IRA, offering a unique hedge against stock market volatility and decline. Common types of retirement plans that may qualify include Traditional and Roth IRA's, SEP IRA's, 401 (k)s and 403 (b)s."

More information can be found on his company website where there is a page that can be accessed through the top navigation under "IRAs" which details three easy steps on how to add gold bullion, silver and other precious metals into a retirment account. For those who still have questions there is a toll free number provided in the upper-right corner of the site to speak with a live representative who can guide them through the process. There is also an information request form to request more information on retirement accounts and other types of precious metal accounts.

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