Ten Tips for a Sizzling Sex Life

In this Ask Dr. Love radio show, Dr. Jamie Turndorf overviews the major causes of inhibited desire and other dysfunctions and explains how to overcome the intimacy problems epidemic in our modern society.

Millions of couples struggle with inhibited performance and various forms of intimacy dysfunction in the bedroom. In this Ask Dr. Love radio show, Dr. Jamie Turndorf discusses the worldwide epidemic of what she calls "intimacy anemia." She looks at the underlying physical, emotional, stress, and relational causes of this problem and explains how to resolve them. Tune in to also discover her proven romance and intimacy boosting techniques.

Hosted on, with Dr. Jamie Turndorf, is a live one hour radio program airing at 1pm (EST) every Tuesday afternoon on You can also call-in to the show and ask Dr. Turndorf for advice on any of your personal issues. You can listen to archived shows at TalkZone, Blog Talk Radio, and on iTunes.

Dr. Jamie Turndorf is a renowned author, media personality, relationship expert and creator of Ask Dr, the Web's premier relationship advice site since 1996, which now boasts thousands of articles on every imaginable relationship, dating, marriage, love, or sex advice question. You can follow Dr. Jamie Turndorf on Facebook and on Twitter @askdrlove.

Dr. Tundorf's advice and techniques will bring enhanced romance and and intimacy back into your love and sex life whether or not you're experiencing challenges or problems -- but if you are -- be sure to tune in or even call in to the Ask Dr Love radio show and get advice from one of today's top relationship experts and most respected couples therapists. As Dr. Turndorf says, "Knowledge Is Your Key To Happy Relationships!"

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