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Teknowledge Software Goes The Wi-Fi Way

The announcement of Teknowledge Software implementing cutting-edge wireless internet environment at its office has been hailed by experts from the mobile sector. The company would also be buying a new set of application testing tools and devices pret

Many Indian software companies are adopting the BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) trend - but Teknowledge Mobile Studio is yet to join the bandwagon. Last week, multiple wireless internet networks were set up at the Teknowledge office premises, indicating that the company intends to continue relying on its own resources for testing mobile applications.

Maintenance of data integrity and security is one of the chief concerns behind Teknowledge not going the BOYD way. A senior executive from the top-billed iPhone app development company stated that, monitoring the way in which the personal devices of each of the 50-odd employees are being used can prove to be rather challenging. Instead, the company has plans to expand its already impressive set of smartphones and tablets for app-testing. With the new office wi-fi connection, reliance on LAN would be diminished - and the overall organizational workflow is expected to become smoother.

Going for wireless network coverage from a single vendor is not particularly advisable for office usage, and those up top at Teknowledge Mobile Studio have not made this mistake. Airtel and Tata Docomo, two of the leading internet service providers in India, have been contacted - to set up separate wi-fi networks at the mobile application development company. There is a third wireless network too, which would serve as backup. A network outage would no longer lead to loss of valuable man-hours - officials at Teknowledge have taken care of that.

The computers at the workstations of the mobile app developers at the company have already been set up with the new wi-fi internet settings. Both the Mac and the Windows PCs at the company currently have LAN as well as wireless internet connectivity. There are a few senior professionals at the company who work on laptops - which would have web access only through wi-fi.

Teknowledge Software has also placed orders for a large number of new application testing devices, supported by the latest telecom technologies. In order to keep up with the constant evolution in the field of iPhone app development in India, a fairly large number of iOS devices (iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch) have been requisitioned. The mobile apps company is also into Android application development, and have ordered a few Android Kitkat 4.4-powered tablets. On delivery, each of the devices would be tested for compatibility with the office wi-fi environment, before being handed to the employees. As things stand now, there is simply no need for the workers to bring personal devices at office.

A minor redesigning of the office floor has also been done - to ensure that the signal strength of both the Airtel and Tata wireless networks remain strong, at all times. The admin officers at Teknowledge have the provision of lodging complaints, if and when the connectivity becomes weak. High page upload and download speeds - both on computer and on handheld devices - is pretty much assured.

Apart from better information security assurance and more thorough cloud testing of apps, the availability of wireless internet would help the professionals at Teknowledge mobile app designing company to interact with prospective clients - on a real-time basis. The website of the company already had live chat features, but there had been complaints of the chat connection getting disrupted pretty often. With the new wi-fi support, such problems would surely cease.

Weekly, hour-long training sessions have also been planned, to familiarize the mobile app testing experts at Teknowledge with basic wi-fi troubleshooting methods. Random PC and device monitoring are also being done, to ensure that employees are not using the fast internet connection for personal, objectionable purposes. Senior in-house device handlers are being trained on the correct methods to use the new iOS and Android devices, which would be arriving soon.

Contact Teknowledge Mobile Studio by email (info@teks.co.in) or by phone (40649087) to find out more about the new internet upgrades at the organization. Take a look through http://teks.co.in, to get a proper idea about this renowned application development company. The all-new, glitch-free wi-fi coverage at Teknowledge is set to improve the standard of service at the company, in a big way.

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