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Teknowledge Software Announces Monthly Market Surveys

From the next month, the marketing and customer relations departments at Teknowledge Software would be collaborating to organize in-depth consumer surveys. Apart from Indian clients, overseas buyers would also be brought under the purview of these su

After the completion of a full-blown recruitment drive for professional mobile app developers across three cities, Teknowledge Mobile Studio has turned its attention on providing more personalized client services. The company spokesperson recently announced that market surveys would be conducted from this May - to find out the precise types of apps and custom mobile software general smartphone users are looking for.

A team of on-field surveyors has already been hired by Teknowledge Software. Comprising of six members, the team would be in charge of creating client questionnaires, setting up appointments with existing customers, and recording the responses for further analyses. As of now, it has been decided that the on-field work will be completed within the first ten days of every month - so that there remains ample time for the in-house app developers and analysts to work on the basis of the survey results.

According to a senior official at Teks, these monthly surveys would have two-fold advantages. Firstly, prospective customers would have the chance of conveying the idea of the type of mobile applications that would be of value to them. Since the company would also be able to concentrate on developing such mobile apps that are likely to have a healthy demand, the risks of product failures would be considerably minimized. Provided that things indeed go according to plan, Teknowledge appears all set to strengthen its position as one of the most client-focused Android and iPhone app development companies in India.

Apart from collecting feedback, comments and suggestions from present customers, the monthly surveys are expected to add to the company's overall client base too. In-house researchers would be maintaining regularly updated sheets of smartphone-users in Kolkata and Bengaluru. The users would be contacted via email first - and provided that they agree to participate in the short survey, the questionnaire would be mailed to them. Representatives from the mobile apps company would be present at high-end shopping malls, hotels & restaurants, and other posh locations in the two cities. According to tentative projections, the response rate is likely to be around 30%. Given the sheer volume of smartphone-owners in these cities, such a response rate would definitely yield useful information.

Care has been taken to prepare a smart, insightful, and non-intrusive questionnaire for the survey. Queries regarding the mobile platform a person prefers, the nature and range of functions that (s)he expects his/her handset to perform, and whether (s)he has any complaints with the existing set of apps on his/her smartphone would be posed. Personal, sensitive questions - like the income of respondents - would be avoided. Instead, people would be asked about an approximate cost figure that they are willing to incur, to buy new mobile applications (from iTunes or Google Play Store). For respondents who use Blackberry handsets and/or Windows Phone, there would be an additional set of questions.

Teknowledge Software has made a name for itself as a reputed mobile application development company in the international markets too (mainly in the UK, the USA, and Australia) - and the monthly surveys would cover overseas clients as well. The company has plans to use its social media channels (primarily, Facebook) to engage in two-way conversations with both existing and new clients from other countries. Within the next couple of months or so, Teknowledge would also be launching video survey drives, via Skype.

The announcement of the all-inclusive corporate market surveys from next month comes across as yet another endeavor of the app development team at Teknowledge to deliver optimal user-satisfaction. It now remains to be seen how efficiently the company actually manages to conduct these survey operations - both in India and abroad.

Check out the website of Teknowledge Mobile Studio - http://teks.co.in - for all the details and portfolio information of the company. The in-house personnel can be contacted either via email (info@teks.co.in) or through phone ((033)40649087). Teks has always been regarded as a dynamic mobile application company, and the proposed market surveys would, in all probability, lend a further edge to its services.

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