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Teknowledge Software Adopts Novel Approach To Train Recruits

Teknowledge Software, a leading mobile application development company in India, recently announced new training sessions and modules for new recruits. The revamped training methods would become effective from next month, and would have a strong basi

In a bid to increase the effectiveness of hands-on training sessions, senior decision-makers at Teknowledge Mobile Studio have come up with a 'different' solution. From April onwards, all new recruits at the mobile apps company would be handed presentation assignments - which have to be completed within a stipulated time-span. Successful completion of the test project would be followed by the official confirmation of the new employees.

When contacted, a senior executive from Teknowledge explained that the test assignments would be framed in the form of simulated real-life projects. The proficiency of candidates in handling app development graphics, to write and debug program codes, and to choose the most viable among multiple task-management strategies would be tested. The technical knowhow of the recruits in the domain of Android and iPhone app development would be tested in detail. Incidentally, Blackberry apps are not, at present, being developed by the company.

This novel form of employee training is likely to present a win-win scenario for the application development agency, as well as the newly recruited mobile app developers. Even in the last quarter, there had been the odd cases of freshers being handed important client projects - often resulting in unnecessarily delays and even mistakes. In the meticulously framed test presentations, the newbies would have ample opportunities to get a grasp of the task at hand, and would have enough leeway to experiment - without having to worry about causing financial losses to the organization. Teknowledge won't be affected by new employees' errors, and the latter would grow at ease with the mobile app development techniques, before being handed actual projects.

Teknowledge would be offering maximum freedom and flexibility to the recruits, for completing their training projects. No step-by-step guidance would be provided (apart from a weekly general briefing), and the newly hired developers would have the chance to showcase their analytical expertise and technical knowledge. The company head has emphasized that, if the right approach is taken by a new recruit - the assignment can be finished off by him/her well within the scheduled deadline (three months, in most cases).

Strong bonding between employees and senior decision authorities has always been an integral feature of the work culture at this Android and iPhone app development company in India. From the very date of joining, the new recruits would get a first-hand feel of the warm and helpful work environment here. If they get stuck at any point while doing their projects, they can seek help and advice from other senior app developers at the agency. Apart from facilitating knowledge transfer, such interactions would double up as effective ice-breaking sessions too.

To keep a tab on the progress of the new joinees at the mobile app development company, monthly evaluations would be arranged. The in-house experts at Teknowledge Software would try to find out the problems (if any) that the recruits might be facing, and inform them about coding errors that they might have made. The aim is to let the newbies learn from their mistakes in the mock project, so that they do not end up bungling a real one!

After the completion of the test project, a week of revision training classes would be conducted for the new recruits. After that, successful candidates would be confirmed as a mobile app developers at Teknowledge, and their compensation packages would be hiked (as compared to what they were during the probation periods). The officials of the application development company are toying with the idea of organizing one-to-one machine tests too - to ensure that the most suitable employees are selected and retained.

The project-based training sessions would help freshers bridge the gap between the academic and the corporate professional worlds with ease too. There would be no boring lectures and deluge of theoretical jargons - new recruits will get the chance to sharpen their app development coding and troubleshooting skills from the very first day.

Dial (033)40649087 to get all the details on the newly planned training sessions at Teknowledge Software. You can also drop in a mail, to info@teks.co.in. Take a look through the redesigned website of the company - http://www.teks.co.in/site/. The company prides itself in having an excellent mobile app development team at its disposal - and the novel training sessions would probably take up the efficiency standards of the employees by a further couple of notches.

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