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Teeter Hang Ups has been helping folks relieve back pain for years. Now, clinical research by New Castle Hospital has revealed that folks who use Teeter Hang Ups are over 70% less likely to need back surgery than folks who don't use Teeter Hang Ups.

The efficacy of Teeter Hang Ups has recently been backed up by a preliminary study from New Castle Hospital. The study reports that users of Teeter Hang Ups were 70.5 percent less likely to need surgery for sciatic back pain than a control group who did not use Teeter Hang Ups.

When people who suffer from back pain use Teeter Hang Ups, they experience less pain. In addition, they get to avoid costly trips to the chiropractor and expensive and invasive back surgeries. When people use Teeter Hang Ups, they get the chance to relieve their back pain in just three to five minutes per day.

Teeter Hang Ups is an inversion table that relieves back pain by relaxing muscles, re-hydrating discs, realigning the back, and reducing pressure. It also improves the user's' joint health as it decompresses and strengthens their joints. This product was created by Roger Teeter.

Now an active 70 year old athlete, Roger credits his active lifestyle to inversion therapy. He first started using inversion therapy over thirty years ago, and he has used his personal experiences along with years of research and development to create a top notch product.

The company's current success means that Roger can now offer back pain sufferers the chance to try Teeter Hang Ups in their own home for an entire month for less than $20. Because Roger is committed to giving people who suffer from back pain as much relief as possible, he is now including a free Teeter Bonus Pack with every Teeter Hang Ups. The pack includes incredible pain relieving essentials like the acupressure nodes, the lumbar bridge, and the healthy back and core DVD.

Acupressure nodes can be placed in a variety of spots along the Teeter Hang Ups ComfortTrak bed. These nodes access the ancient art of acupuncture in ways that relieve sore muscles for good. The lumbar bridge is the perfect tool to alleviate lower back pain or keep it from starting.

It even has an adjustable arch so that the user can get as deep of a stretch as they need. The healthy back and core DVD takes the user through a set of exercises that perfectly compliments Teeter Hang Ups. Many people think that their abdominal muscles are designed to keep their stomach looking flat, but in fact, stomach and core muscles are designed to keep a person upright.

When an individual has a strong core, they have a naturally straight back. This helps them to reduce back pain and increase the healthy functioning of all of their internal organs.

Back pain is an incredibly widespread problem that affects everyone from laborers who lift heavy loads to office workers who sit hunched over computers to mothers who carry children all day long.

Now, however, all of these people, and many others are able to get relief in just three to five minutes per day using Teeter Hang Ups. As indicated above, these claims are now supported by clinical research.

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