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Techsil TileTech - A New Range of Hotmelt Adhesive Designed for Tile Display Boards

Techsil have recently introduced two grades into the hotmelt market, TileTech GP300 and HP600. These new grades have been specifically designed for bonding ceramic tiles to display boards and promise to considerably improve your assembly times.

TileTech GP300 is a general purpose synthetic polymer based hotmelt, light brown in colour with a long open time, high molten tack and a medium viscosity (6000 cps). GP300 will remain flexible at -15°C and can be used for porous surfaces.

TileTech HP600 is a very high performance, high output and tough flexible adhesive. Again this is a light brown synthetic polymer based hotmelt with a long open time and remains flexible at -20°C. HP600 has a medium viscosity (2400cps) and is a very soft, flexible adhesive that runs best in the 43mm glue guns.

The TileTech range is best suited to ceramic tiles and wood and requires an application temperature of 195°C; they then offer a heat resistance of 75°C. GP300 and HP300 can be purchased in both 12mm stick and 43mm slugs and are compatible with our existing range of hot melt glue guns.

Please contact us for more information or to request a sample. 01789 773232.

Techsil offer a range of hotmelt solutions for an number of industry problems. Offering hotmelts designed specially for foundry applications, hobby applications and even overmoulding.

The Overtec system is a low-pressure moudling process that uses thermoplastic moulding resin to achieve high quality sealing and protection of components, faster than 2 component potting resins and far lower capital cost than injection moulding. Positioned between casting and injection moulding technologies, this innovation allows fragile or delicate components to be encapsulated and protected with no risk of damage.

For more information on our glitter glue sticks range, OverTec system and foundry grades please visit

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