TBF Tissue Engineering Celebrates 20 Years of Clinical Use of the PHOENIX® Cancellous Bone Treatment Process

TBF Celebrates 20 Years of Clinical Use of the PHOENIX Cancellous Bone Treatment. Highly secured and freeze-dried mineralized cancellous bone allografts come only from live donors, and have a 5 year shelf life.

TBF Tissue Engineering, a leading provider of orthopedic cancellous bone allografts from live donors only, is celebrating 20 years of sterilizing human allografts through the PHOENIX® process. Since the first clinical use in 1992, there has been no incidence of allograft associated infections from more than the 100,000 grafts implanted.

The PHOENIX® process is a highly advanced technical cleaning process designed and developed by TBF Tissue Engineering, France to sterilize and preserve bone tissue for implantation. The end-product is secured, freeze-dried and packaged for a 5-yr shelf life storage at room temperature. PHOENIX® Products have been duely authorized by the Affsaps - now ANMS - (French MOH authorities) and is fully compliant with most restrictive European directives on Human Tissues. The cancellous bone allografts produced through the PHOENIX® Process are mostly used in dental, orthopedic, spinal, neuro, trauma and oncology surgery.

"Besides, the ethical foundations of working only with live donors, we are extremely proud of our history of PHOENIX®-secured implants, which fully meet our mission statement, ie. guarantee patients and
surgeons utmost quality products with maximum safety." said Dr. Laurence BARNOUIN, General Manager of TBF. "Providing efficient, easy to use and safe products is indeed a top priority for our company."

Given the obvious benefits in terms of safety (ie. non-contamination) and traceability of working with living donors, in addition to the thoroughness of its cleaning process, TBF has been proud to provide surgeons worldwide a fast, reliable and durable solution for osteoconduction (hence osteoconstruction) since 1992 through its 100% mineralized cancellous-only bone allografts.


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