Tawkers.com Hosts "Wine Snobbery for Dummies" Series

Tawkers.com has begun a weekly series of informative Tawks with Jennifer Finnell and Molly Wolfgram, covering the often forgotten simplicity of wine for the everyday man.

On the 22nd of January, a series of Tawks regarding the virtues and quirks of wine, on the social media and conversational website Tawkers.com, began. Respected CEO of Wildflower Enterprises, LLC, and founder of www.woodsywino.com, Jennifer Finnell spearheads the effort to eliminate the intimidation many feel regarding wine and the knowledge thereof.

"Wine isn't meant to be consumed by only those who know all about it," Finnell, a self-proclaimed wino, offered. "Wine is a libation meant to be enjoyed by everyone."

Joining Finnell for the first of the series, "Wine Snobbery for Dummies, Part I" is long-time friend Molly Wolfgram of Minneapolis, MN. The two kicked-off the dispelling of "wine snobbery" at 8 pm on Wednesday and continue the series each Wednesday following.

"Tawkers.com provides an excellent format to begin a dialogue that will ultimately show that wine has been and always will be a staple in our lives," Wolfgram stated.

Founded by Blake Ian, Tawkers.com offers an open forum discussion format where one can host Tawks on virtually any topic, wine certainly not excluded. Literally anyone can "host" a Tawk to discuss anything. The discussion site is quickly gaining popularity in social media circles and, in fact, has put a little heat on the big dogs of social media, perhaps sparking Facebook's purchase of the similar forum site, Branch.com, in the hopes of riding the next wave of online social interaction.

Each Wednesday evening, Finnell and Wolfgram will play host to the many "Tawkers" who are set to join the conversation. As an open forum discussion site, Tawkers.com presents a Tawk to an audience capable of interjecting comments and becoming a part of the discussion between the two hosts.

To find out more about "Wine Snobbery for Dummies, Part I" and Tawkers.com visit the website, www.tawkers.com to join in on the fun.

JD Arbuckle is a freelance journalist specializing in consumer education on a variety of topics including Tawkers.com, social media and wine.

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