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Tanning Salons in San Diego Provides the Sun-kissed Look Perfect for the Summer Season

Naked Tan Tanning Salons specializes in offering a range of flawless, healthy tanning solutions to customers in San Diego, California.

With summer already here, people are making plans to hit the pool or the beach. To achieve that ideal look for the season, most women want to sport that trendy golden tan. Getting a professional tan in San Diego, California is easy by visiting a local tanning salon offering the service. Needless to say, however, it pays to trust the most reputable tanning service in the region and get a perfectly professional tan.

One of the most trusted tanning salons in San Diego is Naked Tan Tanning Salons. To provide the most advanced service, Naked Tan is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art indoor tanning systems. It houses a full range of equipment, from relaxing 20-minute beds, to quick bronzing 12-minute beds and sunless tanning beds.

Naked Tan Tanning Salons also showcases the instant tan service with no exposure to the harmful UV light - which gets done in just four to six hours and lasts up to seven days. The salon exclusively uses VersaSpa and MyMyst, two of the most sophisticated sunless tanning booths on the market.

As the leading specialist in tanning in San Diego, Naked Tan offers specialized beds that provide customers options for special facial tanning, shoulder tanning, and other specific services. Naked Tan also details the Body Wraps service. It is a one-hour non-invasive treatment experience providing Infrared heat through an active carbon fiber matrix contained within the silicone treatment pads, enveloping the body for maximum results. Amenities include music, cooling fans, aromatherapy and even air-conditioned beds.

While best known for offering a wide range of flawlessly applied tanning services in San Diego, Naked Tan Tanning Salons also treats customers to premium memberships and packages that make quality, professional tanning easy on the pocket. Customers can also visit the salon for periodic price-offs, allowing them to indulge in personal relaxation while keeping them shining in healthy golden tan all year long.

To find out more about the professional tanning services offered by Naked Tan Tanning Salons, please visit http://www.sandiegotanning.net/ for information.

Naked Tan Tanning Salons
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