TalentExpo365, A New Game Changer For Talent Job Opportunities

TalentExpo365.com, the first all-in-one virtual talent show with marketing automation and online training certification, is taking talent showcasing to the next web 2.0 level with unique, innovative features cutting across all creative categories.

Each talent agent in the entertainment industry is always on the lookout for the next big thing - and the rise in talent discovery shows has leveled the platform for attaining celebrity fame. Much like casting calls and auditions, The X-factor, Got Talent, American Idol, The Voice and similar singing contest shows and series have allowed individuals across all ages, cultures and genders to showcase what they have and show the world what they can do.

Helping people showcase their talent to the world, TalentExpo365.com offers an easy and effective Virtual Talent Booth to connect people with others, for job opportunities and more.

"With today's stagnant economy and high employment rate, I truly believe that we need a new disruptive innovation to jump-start today's creative project and talent industry. TalentExpo365 is the new innovation and a new game changer," explained Matt Fok Matt Fok, CEO & Founder of eZ-Xpo. eZ-Xpo is the global parent company of TalentExpo365 and other virtual communities online.

TalentExpo365.com has changed the way people express themselves talent-wise. The online platform for showcasing of a person's capabilities is a pioneering virtual talent show that comes with a networking twist.

"Not only TalentExpo365 will help open more doors and opportunities for all creative artists, it will help create a new creative economy for many years to come. I am excited and passionate about this exciting venture," continued Fok.

TalentExpo365.com partners with schools, talent agencies, non-profit organizations, churches, and talent agencies in hosting virtual talent shows for fund-raising purposes across all cities, states, and countries.

Going beyond traditional talent shows that primarily focus on dancing, singing and acting, 24/7 TalentExpo365.com covers an extensive range of artistic projects.

TalentExpo365 aims to provide many features for both members and talent agencies. The website offers a Personalized Talent Search to help finding the right talent fast and easy. By providing an automatic match of the right talent based on a talent agent or employer's search criteria, follow-ups with fans is made possible with email marketing campaigns, coupled with feedback features.

TalentExpo365 also provides members Social Fan, Votes and Reviews. It allows for attendees or sponsors to vote or create reviews for showcased talents so that they can be part of the 10 highest-rated. The networking features make possible the conduct of live webinars with fans or target customers.

Other features that are included are Virtual Concert, & Live & On-Demand Collaboration, where artists can easily host and launch virtual concerts and events in the virtual auditorium for live streaming of concerts or broadcasts.

Plus TalentExpo365 allows an unlimited Virtual Talent Show by City, States, Country. Now, every organization can host a virtual talent show in multiple locations simultaneously by city, states, and country.

Individuals who are looking to uncover the next superstar, as well as seeking agents, can visit www.TalentExpo365.com for more information.

About TalentExpo365:

The TalentExpo365 goes beyond traditional talent shows such as X-Factor, and Got Talent series. It can showcase a wide of range of artistic projects such as painting, film production, video games, and others. Not only can TalentExpo365 enable every artist to showcase their latest work and projects, but also help create their fan groups for a long-term business relationship.


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