Symfony Development Services Are Now Available at a 7% Discount

Due to its 1st birthday Meloge announces a 7% discount for any of Symfony development services and suggests you take advantage of its vast potential.

In today's competitive IT-world it may be quite challenging to choose the right development company to elaborate an effective web solution exactly matching your needs and requirements. And web development companies, in turn, face the challenge of choosing the right tool for development.

Meloge has made this choice in favour of Symfony and can help you find your bearings in manifold frameworks and programming languages. It is one of a few IT-companies that specialize in Symfony development and consulting and have dedicated teams of Symfony developers.

"Symfony is a perfect choice whether you want to build a website or a complex web application. You get much more than you invest!" - says Max Meloge, CEO of Meloge.

Beginning from today Meloge offers a 7% discount for any of Symfony development services to all its clients. The discount is applied to all the development projects on Symfony framework and the offer is to last for 1 month till March 15. Meloge announces the discount due to its 1st anniversary. The company was launched on February 16, 2009.

Symfony was introduced to the development world as a revolutionary framework that offers nothing but benefits both for the developers and customers. It is a brand-new open source framework that is aimed at accelerating the development process without loss of quality. Prefect functionality combined with clear design and flexible structure allows building web applications with considerable quality improvement. This feature-rich framework has made the development process easier and faster with tangible reduction of costs.

Symfony framework was created by Sensio, a French web agency. The first name was Sensio Framework but later on it was decided to launch it as open source framework, and it got the name Symfony. From the very start the Symfony framework was developed with the aim of simplifying the development process and automating many common tasks. By making Symfony available for the Open Source world, the community contributes by adding plug-ins and functionalities.


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