Ashtavinayaka Company - World's First Online Luxury Brand Launched

A unique e-commerce destination that brings various exotic, ancient and unique Indian art forms on a single platform.

Amidst a plethora of 'me-too' discount e-commerce portals that neither offer differentiated products nor a shopping experience, comes world's first online luxury brand, is a destination for art connoisseurs across the world that brings together India's most exotic, ancient and unique art forms. These art forms are manifested in the form of jewellery, apparels, accessories etc. The extensive collection includes Thewa jewellery from Rajasthan (in West India), Kantha apparels from West Bengal (in East India), Rice straw painting from Kerala (in South India)among others. Currently, offers 22 exotic art forms from various parts of the country.

At, connoisseurs across the world can access these widely appreciated art forms which otherwise remain confined to a region or a city.

True to the spirit of connoisseurship, each product on is handcrafted and therefore only a single piece is available for art lovers to buy."We will make sure that anyone living anywhere in the world is able to access these fantastic Indian art forms.", said Deepanvita Gupta, CEO.

What does SWAYOM mean?

Swayom (Swa + Om) is about expressing one's individuality through universal art forms. Swayom believes that these art forms have the power to cut across the barriers of geographies, cultures and languages. These art forms, be it Warli painting, Dokra jewellery or Kantha work, enable us, the individuals, to express ourselves the way we want to.

Art connoisseurs can also connect with fellow art lovers at and share their passion for art and art forms.

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