SWA Reviews The Rise In Apprenticeships And How This Is Benefitting Businesses

Training and consultancy provider, SWA, reviews the rise in the number of apprenticeships and how this has benefited businesses by improving the quality of their staff.

SWA, a training provider and consultancy based in the UK, reviews the increase in apprenticeships in the UK and how businesses are benefitting from this work based learning.

An apprenticeship is a work based learning course that provides guidance and support for employees while they gain vocational qualifications that are appropriate to their job role, through a structured and monitored programme from apprenticeship training providers.

The UK has recently seen a rise in the number of apprenticeships since 2010 by over 58%, according to Apprenticeships.org, an online provider of apprenticeship information for the public and businesses. This has meant that many young people were able to get jobs and lower the level of unemployment in the UK greatly.

Businesses have been benefitting from apprenticeships in multiple ways. Various incentives, including grants were put in place to encourage businesses to take on apprentices. As well as these incentives, businesses benefit from the skills and knowledge that apprentices learn while completing their courses, meaning that a business can take on an apprentice that will be able to manage a team at the end of their course.

An apprenticeship is now the route that many young people are taking as soon as they leave school in order to get into work. A Customer Service Representative from SWA added, "By applying to apprenticeships young people are much more likely to come out at the end of their course with a job than if they go to university, as the employer has spent a lot of time developing them and will more than likely want to keep them on. This is why so many young people are now learning through apprenticeships, and at the end of their courses many of them go on to be managers as there are more courses that employers can put them through to create a manager that knows how the company works."

As the UK economy recovers businesses will start to look for employees with higher qualifications once again as they will have more money available to hire more qualified staff. However, through the last few years apprentices have proven their worth to businesses, and the level of young people applying for them is expected to rise even more in coming years.

SWA are training providers and consultants based in the UK. The company offer on the job training courses for employees and directors that are looking to improve their skills. The range of apprenticeships that they offer is ever-increasing, and as more people apply for these courses the range of what they can learn will increase alongside them.

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