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Sunless Tanning Is A Great Way To Get A Tan

Sun Laboratories is the leader in the sunless tanning industry with its innovative, creative sunless tanning methods.

As a viable option to the sun's rays, Sun Laboratories features Sunless Tanning products that achieve a much better tan than sunbathing alone. At readers can find the most revolutionary sunless tanning product in the last 25 years.

Sun Laboratories is the leader in the sunless tanning industry with its innovative, creative sunless tanning methods. Over the last 20 years their time-tested, proven research has produced the longest lasting, sun-kissed shine than is much better than laying in the skin damaging sun rays for several hours.

The company was founded in 1983, having the extensive experience in the creation of sunless tanning. An interesting fact is that their products will not create that annoying orange glow; making the skin look more sunburnt than tanned. In addition their products have a pleasant smell, unlike the competitors' products, which feature a menthol-like smell that is difficult to get rid of. Those two attributes are excellent selling points.

Increasing the convenience quotient is that the products come in easy to carry bottles, eliminating those big, cumbersome bottles that are a thing of the past. Also the tanning cream, when applied doesn't streak on the skin, which creates uneven spots, not to mention it makes the person look as if they had a skin condition.

They have a wide variety of products to choose from, for all skin types and specific needs. For instance, their Ultra Dark Self Tanning lotion is one of their most popular items. It gives the skin a color that develops in only three hours and lasts for three to five days without applying it again.

Sun Laboratories Strictly Faces Lotion Level 2 Medium reduces wrinkle appearance while giving the face a natural look; as if nothing were applied to begin with. This is because the facial lotion blends well with the skin, making it a perfect complement to any facial skin care preservation idea.

Its Handy Tan Portable Self Tanning sprayer is practicality and usefulness on the go. It's excellent for those who have a lot of outdoor activities and not enough time to apply a lotion. They quickly give a shiny-looking tan.

However, their most useful product is the Dark Sunsation Self Tanning Lotion Set. It provides users a much better tan than expensive, time consuming tanning salons for less than half the price. It sells for only $60.00, saving consumers a lot of time and money while providing the darkest sun tanning level anywhere.

An appealing feature is that applying these sunless tanning lotions protect the skin from 99.99% of ultraviolet lights by absorbing them. Their products have an SPF rating of 15 and more, creating a very pronounced skin tone which lasts a long time. Their natural ingredients are helpful to the environment.

The Sunless Tanning skin products Sun Laboratories features are in high demand by outdoor enthusiasts; a testament to their high levels of quality and affordability. They will continue to be the leaders in the industry for a long time to come. For More Information Please Visit

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