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Sun in the Center of the Earth?

"The core of the Earth is a Sun and this Sun is our God. Only the difference between the solar Sun and this sun is in the size. The size of this sun is almost the size of our moon while the solar sun is thousands time bigger.

Sun in the center of the Earth?

Hindu Priest, Shastriji's Message to the World

November 30, 2013, New York, Mahesh Shastri ji, PhD, a Sanskrit scholar and Hindu priest, who has authored several books, written and produced several videotapes on religion and performed hundreds of ceremonies at various temples all over the world, addressed the congregation at the Shiv Ashram in New York, U.S.A.

Shastriji presented mind- boggling Truth, as told to him by the most Holy Saint, about life on Earth and about DNA Karma and their effects on individuals. He provided data to support the Truth which he gleaned from the most holy Saint and that have never been made public by any source before. He spoke about the core of the Earth being a Sun and that this Sun being the one and only God, and further, stated that we owe our existence to this God.

Shastriji said that this Sun God decides our future and destiny, depending upon our state of perfection and our Karma.

He acknowledged that everyone in this World faces some kind of problems. Additionally, he said that these problems will keep escalating because people ignore the Truth and neglect to follow the one and only right One. He said people's problems will only come to an end when they understand this and follow the right One, because otherwise, there is no other option to end their problems.

He explained how this world, as we know it, will change when Venus and Mercury enter the Sun, and the Earth and Moon respectively, will take their place. The Earth then will become the New Heaven and all the followers of the Truth will be born in that New Heaven. He added that this knowledge will change our entire concept about this World, including Newton's Law of Gravity and Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

Therefore, he humbly urged all the intellectual authorities of the World to approve all the facts that was presented, so that the people of the World would live knowing the Truth and follow the right path.

Shastriji ended his sermon with the words, "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam", which means the World is our home and we are all the people of one God, the life- giver Sun.

If what Shastriji said is true, then his website deserves the Nobel award and several other high awards of the World. Shastriji has requested the Nobel Foundation of Sweden to present the Nobel Prize for peace to the Holy Saint from whom he learned this Truth. The money received from the Nobel Foundation would then help the people of the World in understanding humanity and thereby, the religions of the World.

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