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Successfully Done Bhoomi Pujan of Worlds 1st Dhanvantari Dham & Health Resorts

Successfully done Bhoomi Pujan of Worlds 1st Dhanvantari Dham & Health Resorts on Yesterday at AAMANI SIR TOWNSHIP AT DHOLERA in the presence of 3500+ people. Thanks to all Guests for their presence and support to make it a memorable da

The World's Biggest Dhanvantri Dham & Health Resort Held At Aamani Sir, Dholera On June 8, 2014 Have Been Appreciated And Covered By The Leading Media Houses.

We, Aamani Group, Are Privileged To Have The Love And Appreciation Of One And All; For Without Their Help, The Historic Occasion Of "Earth Worship" Would Never Have Got The Unbelievable Adoration…!

First time in the Medical Tourism of World, A new concept is being launched in Gujarat.

'' Dhanvantri Dham & Health Resort '' is first of its kind wherein all modern and ancient facilities related to The Health and Wellness of Human Life, will be provided in Natural and pure ambience which is eco friendly and filled with Holy Environment also. To be a part with The Nature is an ultimate luxury. In Dhanvantari Dham you can experience the Healthy life.

Dhanvantari Dham's Concept, Design and is being Developing by Aamani Group in Aamani SIR TOWNSHIP at DHOLERA SIR which has already more than 2000 families. DHOLERA SIR is a futuristic city of the world coming in the center of Gujarat with vision of Great leader Shri Narendra Modi .

'' Dhanvantri Dham & Health Resort '' will have Unique Conference Facility with Platform in Lake along with Excellent Sitting System. Sound arrangement will be done by US Superb and Dolby sound.

Main attraction of '' Dhanvantri Dham & Health Resort '' will be A Grand Temple of God DHANVANTARI in Water Lake with the Image of Samudra Manthan. This will be in the form of a unique statue and it will be a Great Pilgrimage Place for Doctors across the world. Lord Dhanvantri is God of Doctors and it's expected that after completing of their Doctor's Degree they must be visit to take blessings of lord Dhanvantri in its first of its kind Dham in the entire world.

Other attractions will be Research Center and Ayurvedic Treatment like Kshirodhara, Rejenuvating, Spa , Panchkarma etc will make you at least 10 years younger. Tourists will have to stay facilities also in Traditional Cottages adjoining to Herbal Garden with Medicinal plants, some of which are so unique and getting Extinct.

A Museum of Medical Science will help to aware to all about the Development of Medical Era since inception and you will be able to get answers of some myths that related to Medical Science's History like who was Hippocrates ? Who was Florence nightingale? General public will get inspiration by visiting there and if they will bring their children's they must like to be a Doctor after visiting this Museum.

'' Dhanvantri Dham & Health Resort '' will be Managed by a Committee of Doctors Headed by Dr. Hasmukh J. Soni (Chairman-Ayurvedic Doctors Board of Gujarat) and Dr. Bipin Vaishanav ( Ex-Chairman ) . More than 500 Doctors are plot holders in Aamani SIR .This committee will consist of more than 10 renowned Doctors committed to provide this Dham A Global identity. Financial commitments of Aamani Group and Managing Committee of Doctors will be elementary in creating a new legend in Medical Tourism of Gujarat.

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