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Successful Education Solutions Details 3 Key Steps to Student Positioning Tips to Ensure College Admissions

Step 4 of the SES College Guide details expert insights to Student Positioning in preparing for, applying and being accepted to a student's college of choice.

A significant task lies before every junior or senior high school student in the United States: thinking about and finally deciding on the right college to attend. Given the statistics on college drop outs and unsuccessful career planning, every college-bound student is required to take the necessary step and work on getting the best results.

Jeffrey Sonnengren, Founder and President of Successful Education Solutions, details these vital steps to assist incoming college students as they figure out ways to enter the right university or institution successfully. A team of college planning experts makes up SES, which offers a range of college planning services, ranging from ACT and SAT Prep Course to offering access to college grants and scholarships.

In the recent Proactive Students Agenda teleconference addressing the Class of 2013 to 2014, Mr. Sonnengren talks about choosing the right college, applying in that institution and getting acceptance letters way ahead of the others and without being pressed for time.

"It all starts with thinking about the student's career assessments [in order] to discover or confirm the direction you want to take," said Sonnengren, explaining the series of dominoes that will fall into the good decision making process. "College leads to a major, a major leads to a college search, a college search leads to positioning and narrowing down the college list."

Career Assessment, according to Sonnengren, starts in the early part of junior year, or more specifically September or October. Under the Student Positioning facet of the College Planning process, SES offers an issue-orientated coaching session on college selection for taking 60 college prospects down to 10 or 12.

Detailing the 5-month process of the Proactive Students Agenda, Sonnengren explains that in as early as May, students can already get a head start on letters of recommendations before class ends for the senior year. The following month of June, the resume, which should be a page or two detailing student accomplishments, as well College Essay prep, may already be completed. August is the time to do auditions, college visitations and submit portfolios.

Mr. Sonnengren also emphasizes that College Visitations play a key role in Student Positioning, because most colleges are impressed with students to take the time to visit them, so much so that they use that criteria for money and even provide merit award for college based on such visits. SES maintains that is never too early to go on admission applications and visitations.

Concurrent with college selection, students are asked to develop a test schedule, particularly for the ACT in September and SAT in October. SES suggests for students to register for these tests when available and put it in their college calendar and more importantly, do a thorough ACT or SAT review for better results.

"Stay early and proactive . . . [so that] come November 1st of senior year, you'll be ready," Mr. Sonnengren said. "If you've done these before you can smell the turkey for thanksgiving, you are in good shape. By January, you will already [be reading] acceptance letters," he concluded.

To find out more about Step 4, or College Selection of the Student Positioning process, please visit for information.

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