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Subtle Valentine's Day Home Transformations

Valentine's Day provides the perfect opportunity to show your loved one exactly how much you care.

Many people seem to believe that a Valentine's Day gift needs to be flashy and expensive to warrant the affection of the receiver. Diamond earrings, holidays and pedigree puppies have become the standard present for the day of the year when love presides over all. However, there are more effective ways to impress a lover on that special day - arguably the most impressive is with a beautiful home makeover.

Creating a romantic ambience is important to infuse the room and home with a sense of love and giving. Small changes and additions can be made around the home in secret. It is important to concentrate on all of the senses of a partner.

When the partner returns home, one of the first things that they will usually notice is the smell. Pique the smelling sense with the use of fragrant candles. Soft fruit and vanilla tones can waft through the air without over-powering anyone or anything.

The next thing that they will notice is how the home looks. If a partner has a passion for any particular interior design implementations, then add them to the home. These may include flowers, throw rugs or dining table additions. The lighting of a room also adds a lot of ambience to the home. Using a dimmer switch attached to LED Bulbs, the lighting of a room can be customised to the taste and whims of the partner.

LED Spotlights and Downlights are particularly useful as they do not emit much heat. The vast majority of the energy that is used, is emitted as light. This makes it far easier for you to control the heat in the home. A pleasurable temperature will help stimulation the sensation of feeling.

Attracting the sense of hearing is not as simple as playing the partner's favourite record. It is far more important and prudent to choose a record that evokes the kind of emotions that is perfect to run through the air and atmosphere. This may be simplistic yet beautiful classical music with strings. Music is an effective tool to evoke feelings of passion.

The final sense to be touched and impacted upon is taste. Naturally this is most effectively done with a meal. A light, airy meal with many of a partner's favourite flavours will satisfy their sense of taste. It is important not to produce too heavy a meal otherwise this will overpower some of the other senses.

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