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StyleMeTV.Com Revisits The Seventies Catwalk is an exclusive fashion website, which offers an insight into the fashion world. There are several retailers on the website and there is one checkout system for ultimate convenience for all consumers. regularly explores distinctive fashion trends and eras and has recently focused on the seventies. With a reflection on class and sophistication, the era has given some of the unforgettable fashion styles. has created special 60-seconds fashion show, dedicated to the seventies catwalk. Identifying with this style, the site offers a trend that is often overshadowed in the recent times, the seventies. shows how to blend high-end designer labels with high-street fashion. Halston Heritage, Butter by Nadia and House of Holland make a stunning appearance on the runway, with signature dresses that surely leave an impression.

The seventies were an interesting era as far as fashion is concerned. Variegated colors and fancy cuttings were introduced here. The hippie movement, created then, is clearly reflected in the fashion today. Besides, military clothing also paved its way into the wardrobes worldwide. From military boots to parkas, people started choosing different military items. On the other hand, there was the disco movement that started connecting unusual outfits to the love of music. This was when musicians started endorsing their own clothing lines. Out of all decades, one notices the physical modification in the seventies. A lot of importance was given to sideburns, long hair and beards. Bigger accessories were preferred in this time. Oversized sunglasses were on trend then and are now fashionable again. has quickly become one of the leading
online shopping centres , fusing high-street fashion with the world of high-end fashion. For the true fashionistas, the site offers a range of carefully chosen designer accessories, from different retailers across the world. Although there are several retailers you can choose from, offers a single checkout system, so as to make it convenient for the consumers. There are style bits, which acquaint the users with the latest fashion trends from all over the world. has managed to separate itself from the existing bunch of fashion websites, with its unique and classy collection. There are 60-seconds fashion shows hosted on the website, where people can purchase the displayed outfits while they watch these shows. Regardless of your style, you are likely to find a show that appeals to your personality. Furthermore, the consumers can shop the show. Simply put, they can purchase the collection being featured in the fashion show, as they watch the models walk the catwalk.

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