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StyleMeTv.COM Introduces A New Trend Featuring The Feminine Collection Like 1970s. is an online clothing store, which contains different retailers on the same platform. Updating the clients with the latest fashion trends,

Fashion in the seventies was carefree, daring and diverse. has made an effort to bring back the flamboyance from the era. There are several fashion sites on the Internet today, however what separates from the other sites is its collection of 60-seconds fashion shows. Fashion Trends change on a regular basis and it becomes difficult for the average shopper to stay in pace with these ever-changing styles. This is exactly where comes into play. features the styles from the age. From drastically long skirts to extremely short pieces, fashion had no rules back then. The fabrics were bold, bright and patterned. Ethnic-inspired styles and "hippie" styles are now available on The shoppers can now enjoy the "Lady Like 1970s" fashion show and buy the displayed clothes along with. Whether you are looking for shiny hot pants, large bell-bottom flares or towering platform shoes, has it all.

The latest lady-like show is all about celebrating femininity at With designer brands like Prada and Marc Jacobs, getting into the seventies look will be effortless. offers stylish womanly silhouettes with Karen Miller's classic collection of pencil skirts and peplum knits. In the seventies, traditional fabrics and styles were inspired by the Eastern cultures. Paisley prints, tie-dyed and natural fabrics were introduced in this era. From handcrafted clothes to designer accessories, helps you create a complete look from the 1970s. Clothing from the seventies is known to resonate with several movements in the decade. Music was one of the greatest influences on fashion during the seventies. Several groups were initiated during this period and followers wanted to dress in similar clothes.

You can also purchase leather sandals or footwear that matches the time. Women were seen flaunting their feminine curves and were seen wearing authentic male clothing from jackets, vests, baggy trousers, ties, hats and over-sized shirts. The experts at suggest floor length skirts and knee length dresses to create an authentic look for 1970s. The times in the seventies were tumultuous, with different cultures emerging from different corners of the world and has made an effort to present these diversified times in their collection.

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