Skin Whitening Creams in India

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Global Industry:

Despite the ill effects of the use of these chemicals, sales of skin whitening creams in India alone, aggregated to a staggering 258 tons, in 2012.

On the basis of projected increase in use of these products, the global market is expected to reach US Dollars 19.8 billion, by 2018.

The popularity of the creams can be judged from the fact that such products have been launched even for males, with claims to make them even more fair and handsome.

Feminist movements have been organized in various parts of the world, highlighting the ill effects of such products, and decrying the necessity to consider fairness of the skin, as an index of feminine beauty.

Sociological Issues:

There are various intrinsic issues linked to the use of skin whitening creams. The need to exhibit a fair skin is a universal phenomenon.

Efforts to establish the idea that black is beautiful have not succeeded adequately. In India, it is a sociological issue. Dark girls find it difficult to find grooms.

Even when they do, the grooms generally are darker. The stigma on womenfolk, for possessing a dark skin, seems to be more pronounced than for their male counterparts.

It is therefore, not unusual to find that dark skinned women in India, desperately resort to these products, in order to present a comparatively fairer exterior.

These skin whitening creams is the best way to whiten the skin tone in short period of time.

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Skin Whitening Creams in India
Skin Whitening Creams in India