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Stories From Falling Far Part 1free E-book Now Available

Stories From Falling Far Part 1 by David Cohen Classical guitarist now available as free e-book. Survival, determination and hope are the themes is the stories of abuse and hatred.

Stories From Falling Far A novel by David CohenPart 1 now available

Free e-book

The killing was very unexpected which made for a good turn of events. What took the event beyond any experience expectation was that it was my piss that killed my father. The embarrassment when it would come out that I was a bed wetter was minimized by my sense of freedom and security I now have. To survive I learned to watch everything, hear everything and remember everything that went on in the house. My safety measure was that if I was ever gotten rid of I would at some point in the future be reunited with my brother and sister and I would need the information. My acquisition of language was not based on developing communication skills but rather through the art of self-defense. I thought it would be those strengths that saved me but I was wrong it was the strength of my piss. When my mom saw my dad spread out on the floor she exclaimed, "Oh my God you killed your father! " 

Classical & flamenco guitar David Cohen releases Stories From Falling Far as a free e-book available at

The stories chronicle the survival and determination of a child hated and abused by parents. Though dark and disturbing there is much strength and optimism in the stories. 

David Cohen is a classical & flamenco guitarist from Philadelphia. David is founder of Guitar Point and performs on the classical & flamenco guitar, Chinese pipa and bagpipes. Davids teachng studios are located in both Ocean Grove, New Jersey and Philadelphia, PA.

DAVID COHEN: GUITAR contains 11 original tracks composed by David Cohen. The CD is available at:itunes   cdbaby

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About Guitar PointGiving great guitar lessonsFounded in 1995 by classical  & flamenco guitarist David Cohen, the mission of Guitar Point is to give great guitar lessons through expanding the knowledge of the possibilities on the guitar. Through teaching classical guitar technique and music along with traditional music from around the world students gain the information they want to enjoy the guitar at each level of their learning. Guitar Point is also dedicated to expanding the knowledge of the guitarists of all genres of music and their events in the Philadelphia metropolitan area

David Cohen is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, educator, composer of music for the classical & flamenco guitar, a recognized Chinese pipa musician and Spanish guitarist in Philadelphia.

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