Steal The Scenery Gives Music Away To Fans For Christmas Day

Pop band Steal The Scenery makes new album free for download on Christmas Day.

Steal The Scenery thinks it's better to give then receive this Christmas. The band plans to release their new EP, The Art Of Breaking Hearts, to their fans for free download on Christmas Day on their Facebook page.

"We wanted to give our fans something they would really enjoy this Christmas", says front man Bobby Frausto. Their second album is another collaboration with friend and producer Jaime Preciado of Pierce The Veil. The new style is a combination of dubstep and club beats infused with pop lyrics and hard hitting guitar riffs. The new style is not only a new style for the band, but a new style that no other artist is currently doing. The band has coined this new style "Dub Pop Rock".

Bassist Joey Agustin notes, "We found ourselves wanting to create something new, something driving and catchy... something to make people dance. We still wanted to write songs that meant something to us, not just something that sounds like a good hook over a hard hitting beat. The Art of Breaking Hearts is a concept derived from past relationships we have all been in. It's an idea that almost glorifies the act of a break up itself, no matter which end of it that you are on. We wrote about the idea of a break up like it is an art form. Everyone has experienced one and they are all so similar in the way they are carried out. It is those similarities and patterns that make it something so terrible that we have began to respect because of its life changing power".

Steal The Scenery's new EP will be available for free download on December 25, 2011 on the band's Facebook page and available on other social media sites after January 15, 2012. For more information please visit their website

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