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Stay a Step Ahead of the Crime - With ASDIS Protect Your ATM Optimally Against Manipulations

ASDIS fraud fighting solutions secure your automated teller machines optimally

Manipulations of automated teller machines are commonplace nowadays and are more and more professionally performed. Attaching additional keyboards or card slots are just two of the many strategies of manipulation, which come to be costly both to the ATM-owners and the customers. ASDIS gives you a comprehensive protection of your ATMs.

Fraud fighting solutions are a staple part of ASDIS products. They are used for detection and analysis of unusual ATM events. Among the recognizable events are for example unauthorized opening of the housing, the withdrawal of a card, messages of anti-skimming devices, or the display of a payment dysfunction.

Although not every conspicuous incident is of criminal nature, ASDIS evaluates all occurrences automated and intelligent. Both the recognition of already known and previously unknown manipulations are for ASDIS not a problem. Latter are detected by means of a heuristic diagnose.

Crucial for the successful defense of fraud is the immediate trigger of actions after the detection of a manipulation. Fraud fighting functions initiate a shutdown of the automated teller machine or turn it offline. In addition, relevant reports are provided at a central location and e-mails or text messages are sent. Thereby, the ATM operator is informed about a manipulation immediately.

The products of ASDIS can be easily integrated into your existing system. Thus, the continued safe operation of your ATMs is guaranteed. With ASDIS you are protected excellently against manipulations and more than that you can prevent proactively the loss of image and capital.

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About ASDIS Solutions:

ASDIS Solutions proposes software solutions for the administration of IT in complex IT landscapes. Due to a market share of 28% in the German ATM market, ASDIS Solutions claims to be the market leader in this segment. According to the Retail Banking Research report "ATMs and Cash Dispensers Western Europe 2008", ASDIS is the most popular off-the-shelf product used for remote software distribution.

Long-standing customers out of the Fortune 1000 companies (e.g. ING DiBa, Sparda DV, UBS, Reisebank) and 20 years of experience in the development of high-quality software management solutions underline the competence of ASDIS Solutions.

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