Spring Cleaning Proven to Help Mind and Body

CityStash Storage Shows How De-Cluttering Your Home Can Lead to Reduced Stress Levels, Better Health and an Increase in Overall Happiness

Spring Cleaning is just around the corner and soon many people will be tackling the annual chore of clearing out their homes, garages, and offices.

74% of people who take part in Spring Cleaning say it is due to the fact that they cannot stand the clutter. Overpacked spaces have been linked to increased stress levels, wasted time spent searching personal items and an increase in allergies.

CityStash, a self-storage start-up serving the Washington, DC and San Francisco areas, has studied how clutter affects our day to day lives and believes a clear living space can lead to an overall spike in happiness.

"A messy home is ranked as the #5 stressor among Americans, right behind bills, lack of sleep and worrying about their weight," said CityStash founder Tim Friemel. "At CityStash, we see so many customers who have instantly improved their quality of life just by getting organized. We want to enable people to keep what is important to them without having to compromise their living space."

CityStash offers pick-up, storage and re-delivery services on demand by coming to the customers home, dropping off boxes to be packed and then returning to pick them up and deliver them to their secure, climate controlled storage facilities. Because fees are based on the amount of boxes and exact storage needed for items, customers never pay for unused space like the traditional self-storage lockers.

CityStash has locations in Washington, DC and San Francisco. For additional information and services email info@citystash.com or visit www.citystash.com.

About CityStash
CityStash, based in Washington, DC and San Francisco, offers pickup, storage and re-delivery services at the customer's beckoned call. Customers simply call CityStash, the company deploys representatives to drop off boxes and then the boxes are picked back up and stored in secure, climate controlled facilities. The startup was founded in 2012 by Tim Friemel and his business partner with the idea of making self-storage a hassle-free process. Instead of paying a monthly rent on a garage like space, customers pay only for the boxes or storage they use. For additional information on CityStash, contact info@citystash.com or visit www.citystash.com.


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