Specialised Post Kidney Transplant Care in Sri Lanka, from the Country's First and Longest-running Kidney Transplant Programme.

Western Hospital becomes Sri Lanka's most specialised provider of kidney transplant and post kidney transplant care with the opening of its new transplant wing with dedicated 24 hour on call nurses and doctors.

As, Sri Lanka's premier kidney transplant and dialysis centre; Western Hospital (Western Infirmary) is always looking to provide the best of services to kidney patients. With over 800 transplants, it has become the country's specialised centre for kidney transplants, and has extended its flagship service capacity further with a brand new transplant wing. The Hospital offers Renal Intensive Care for all post transplant patients, including plasmapheresis services, and special post transplant clinics for follow up. A seasoned post transplant care team is always at your disposal for consultation, treatment, diagnosis, and for any other related services. All kidney transplants and medical procedures carried out by Western Hospital are ratified by the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka.

The inward services offered at the hospital include a state-of-the-art intensive care unit with the latest monitoring technology. Critical care physicians, doctors and nurses are available round the clock at the ICU to provide medical assistance and to perform medical procedures for the post surgical patients. The Infirmary also posses fully equipped and up-to-date twin theatres with every facility for major and minor operations. Post-transplant patients can choose rooms and cubicles to suit their budget and requirements.

The Infirmary encourages patients to visit its facilities regularly for full check-ups and monitoring. It has one of the best diagnostic services in the country, complete with a fully equipped laboratory, a high-tech imaging service and 24 hour clinical diagnostic service; careful, thorough, and meticulous tests are conducted in order to give you the most reliable results. Western Hospital collaborates with Asiri Labs, Nawaloka Metropolis & Genetech for more rigorous testing, while special tests are sent to accredited laboratories in India. An outstanding panel of consultants is available for expert advice on various medical conditions. The hospital also offers screening and comprehensive disease counselling at its Kidney Diabetes Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Centre.

Western Hospital believes that the medicine you are prescribed must be of the highest quality and readily available over the counter, therefore, a well-stocked pharmacy is open till midnight daily. The hospital has a round the clock OPD to take care of your primary requirements and for minor surgical procedures.

About Western Hospital

Western Hospital (Western Infirmary) Sri Lanka was established in 1984 as Lanka Medicare Company with the aim of providing quality kidney care to patients in Sri Lanka and beyond. Today, with over 25 years of experience, it has the longest running kidney transplant programme in the country. In 1985 its specialist team was the first to have carried out a kidney transplant in Sri Lanka. It offers a variety of services to patients with related diseases and risks, making sure that each patient receives the best of its services. The Infirmary conducts Haemodialysis Services, holiday dialysis for international patients, and kidney transplant. Western Hospital is always fully prepared for emergencies; with a 24 hour emergency service to treat you in a critical moment. An ambulance service too is available to transport patients who need immediate medical attention. Western Hospital mobile service unit is specifically designed for the immobile, elderly and terminally ill. It offers general medical assistance, injections, drips and nebulisations.
To learn more about Western Hospital, please visit, http://westernhospital.lk/.


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