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Special Percentage Off on Hair Transplant in Pakistan in This Ramadan 2014

Hair Transplant is the most upcoming and the advanced form of dermatological surgery. It has already shaped the lives of many when they were on the verge of abandoning the self-esteem which they developed over a period of years.

Hair transplant has evolved to be a harmless walk in surgery as the frequency of hair transplants has increased ten folds over the last few years.

In the modern world, there is abundance of all the un-reported environmental and the reported physiological factors which lead to the hair loss. Moreover, due to the self awareness regarding hair loss, one gets to know it as soon as it starts and hence the volume of reported cases has also increased many times. A decade ago when hair transplant was in a nascent stage, people had skeptical comments about how the treatment works and the subsequent recovery procedure. There were many myths revolving in the social circles as well regarding its usability. There were stories about the brain damage and even more hair loss after the transplant. Studies show that most of these myths took hike and got so much popular because of the fact that hair transplant costs a lot and it may have provoke hate for this technique but the bright side is that It is a onetime procedure and the results are enduring as well as life long. Then came along the first batches of treated patients; which helped in changing the general idea of hair transplant, in the mind of masses.

The major era which brought hair transplant to the level where people got confident about it was when the local celebrities consulted the specialists at the hair transplant clinic and shared their tale of hair loss with them. These celebrities were taken in with full confidence and were treated like all the other patients. All of them are living a happy and youthful life. The new strategy of combining FUE and FUT has majorly amazed the doctors with the magnificent results. The combination works better than both of the techniques individually. And the combo not only speeds up the recovery time but it also helps in the more evenly look of the grafted hair. Moreover, all of these procedure are done in strict hygienic environment where patient safety is the first and only concern. State of the art labs and equipment is what adds cherry on top all of this and makes hair transplant the most reliable and the only trustworthy hair loss solution.

The holy month of Ramadan is up and soon all the Muslims around the globe will be fasting. In order to honor this reputable and the most respectable months, we are bringing the offer which was never heard of before. Special discounts are being offered for the clients who get their hair transplanted during this auspicious month. So, dial up today and book yourself an appointment with one of the world renowned specialists at our centers.

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