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Spark The Fire LLC Is a Start Up From St. Louis, With a Radical Model of the Ecommerce Store

Spark The Fire LLC, is a start up company based in St. Louis. Made by a high school student in his E-Business class. They've come up with a unique twist on the traditional E-Commerce business.

Spark The Fire LLC is a survivalist gear retailer, a start-up company out of St. Louis, MO. Owner and CEO of the company, 19 year old Owner and CEO Marcus Kehn came up with the idea for the company while sitting in his Web Design and E- Business class at his high school.

"I didn't want to be a slave for another company, we were learning how to make an e-business in class so I decided to go the extra mile and register my company." - Marcus Kehn

Although he had his company name, he was at a loss what to do. Learning about e-commerce he decided to try for it. Although being in high school he didn't have the money for a warehouse for products or for a huge ecommerce store. Thinking of getting into making an amazon affiliate, there was a law passed in Missouri taxing online retailers. Amazon replied by shutting down their Missouri Affiliate program.

"Amazon screwed a lot of people over, and I was at a loss what to do now." - Kehn

Being subscribed to several internet marketing "gurus" he found out about a service by amazon called amazon fulfillment. To put it simply amazon holds your products in their warehouse, handles all purchases, shipping requests, returns, and customer support. This just leaves marketing, everything else is handled by amazon. Spark The Fire LLC decided to buy a small amount of test products to sell online.

"It was obvious that this was an amazing deal, so I decided to try it. Bought a few products and shipped them off to the amazon warehouse." - Kehn

They decided to sell someone else's product and did no research and the product listing was made by another company that only had a sentence product details section, and 1 star reviews. After two weeks they completely sold out of products! Not just that, they had 100% of the sales for that product, and had a perfect 1 viewer : 1 sale ratio. Now that they have tested this, they have bought and manufactured their own magnesium fire starters. Having just set up a beautiful detail page, they're ready to start sales, and test their top secret marketing strategy that allows up to %500 profit per sale.

Check out their new product on Amazon:

Check out their video encyclopedia of magnesium fire starters, and fire starting methods:

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