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SP Marketplace Announces New Office 365 SharePoint App

SP Marketplace Announces New WebApp for Office 365 to Speed New Employee Productivity and Drive Consistent New Hire Processes

SP Marketplace Announces New WebApp for Office 365

SP Employee OnBoarding
Speed new employee productivity and drive consistent new hire processes with this app. SP Employee OnBoarding is a SharePoint app that allows you to setup and track tasks for bringing on a new employee into your organization. With the app, you can create standard task templates for new hires, terminations, transfers or any other employee change events. Create a new Onboard item and automatically create a set of related SharePoint tasks from a standard tasks template. For each Onboard, the tasks send notifications to other departments to request needed equipment, office space, a company phone or whatever is standard for new hires.

Tracking employee onboard task status as they progress through the onboarding and new hire process is made easy and can be viewed in real-time by relevant stakeholders with access to the system. Purchase SP Employee OnBoarding on the Office 365 App Store

App Store Business App Components
Business App Components are business process components we sell on the Microsoft App Store. These components can be used individually or are integrated into our Business Solution Modules. You can purchase the app components individually via the App Store, or purchase a business solution module (with several App Components embedded) or SP Business Suite.

About SP Marketplace
SP Marketplace (SharePoint Marketplace) focuses on providing cost effective collaborative business productivity solutions on Microsoft SharePoint on-premise or in the cloud.

Our team is made up of seasoned business professionals who believe in and embrace the power of SharePoint and Office 365 to exponentially improve the way a business operates. Within a single platform is the capability to improve team communications, process tracking, customer service, and management visibility. Our focus is to leverage this platform to deliver a set of interoperable business solutions that are easy to deploy, use and are 100% flexible to meet your business needs.

Instead of paying consultants tens of thousands to build SharePoint applications from scratch, SP Marketplace believes in provisioning the platform with existing components, in a progressive phased approach which leads to continuous improvement in your organization. We deliver the components (application templates, web parts and branding) needed to quickly provision your SharePoint environment with exactly the features, functions and look needed for your unique business environment. At the core of our offerings are application templates that are powerful, easy to use, and address the needs of business users, developers, and IT professionals alike.

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