SOS Million Teacher March Sponsors Education Communication Day Friday, 10/29/10

The SOS Million Teacher March will be sponsoring the first annual Education Communication Day. On Friday, October 29th, people across the nation will use all means of communication to get the word out about the public education crisis.

This Friday, the SOS Million Teacher March will be sponsoring the first ever Education Communication Day. The goal is for teachers, parents, students, and all others who support public education to get the word out to as many people as possible in whatever ways possible.

This means talking to friends, neighbors, and relatives. This means emailing, calling, and sending letters to legislators and other officials involved in America's public education system. This means calling radio and television talk shows to let them hear what we have to say. In other words, this means using every tool at our disposal to make sure everyone in America hears the FULL STORY regarding public education.

For a list of talking points, phone numbers to call, and other information please visit the following links or contact Chris Janotta at or (708) 949-6060.


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