Solair Offers An "intelligent" Software Platform For Those Looking To Develop Cloud Applications And For The IoT And M2M Field

Solair's "Made-in-Italy" platform allows the creation of SaaS applications without writing code, providing "intelligence" to both structured and unstructured data

The Internet of Things (IoT) will reach full maturity in 2014. According to Gartner, turnover for the Internet of things, especially for product and services providers, will reach $300 billion by 2020. Manufacturing, health care and insurance are among the vertical markets that will contribute the most to the development of the IoT.

In this context Solair, the young Italian software company specialising in developing applications in the cloud, offers Solair Platform, its own innovative software platform for those who wish to develop business applications in the cloud as well as those seeking to position themselves in the "Internet of Things".

Solair Platform is a cloud platform, entirely developed in Italy, which lets developers create SaaS applications without writing code. It is an innovative alternative to the traditional development method and a connectivity solution that brings added value to IoT and M2M since it allows users to connect and collect a great amount of data (both structured and unstructured) as well as analyse and manage it to make it "intelligent".

On Solair Platform, users can build their own data and document management applications without knowing anything about programming by simply "composing" the intelligent elements of the platform using simple and completely interactive tools. It is all part of a flexible environment that can adapt to cover the needs of any application domain, for the creation of a PLM (the first application created on this platform by Solair), for example, or even a CRM or an application to manage Expense Accounts or expiration dates in a Patent management application.

These concepts are the building blocks of the Solair Platform. They contain the data, behaviour and graphic layout of all of the archived information. Solair Platform lets users drag & drop the concepts in the library to create their applications and lets them build both individual and interconnected flexible elements that are customised to their own needs and can be managed using Platform components.

Technical Features of Solair Platform

Solair Platform is based on the most widespread technology and the most established standards. The server components are developed on the Microsoft .NET framework and the database is based on Microsoft SQL. The presentation layer of the pages is based on HTML5 and JavaScript with responsive technology to adapt dynamically to the context, whether desktop or mobile. A complete set of APIs and modern integration tools round out the functionality.

It is widely accepted that 20% of corporate data is well-structured (e.g., tables in a CRM) while 80% is not (e.g., files processed using Microsoft Office). Unlike the competition, Solair Platform can perfectly manage both types of documents using advanced functionality such as Full Text Search.

Solair Platform has a multi-tenant architecture and is universally distributed on the Windows Azure infrastructure. The Platform is scalable automatically and dynamically so developers do not have to worry about performance, allowing them to manage the complexities due to increasing use of the application.

'The Emilia Romagna Region also considered the project for this platform to be innovative,' explains Valeria Naldi, Director of Cloud Platform Development at Solair, 'awarding the company with financing through a public competition for Research, Innovation and Growth. The patent application for the most innovative parts of this application has also been filed.'

Who is the Solair Platform for?

The Solair Platform Target Audience is twofold.
- On one side we find OEM Software and thus development companies that are looking to create applications in the cloud: product managers, solution architects, project managers, CTOs.

- On the other side are operators in the IoT and M2M field, entrepreneurs at companies manufacturing industrial machinery, with or without electrical components, which produce or manage at least 1,000 machines, and who are sensitive to new market trends and recognise the added value in data processing and human-machine communication.

Key points:

What does Solair Platform offer?
• Easy integration with business applications, including a set of APIs and drag & drop technology to build the application without writing code.
• A solid and secure cloud infrastructure since it is built using industrial standards
• Management of structured and unstructured data
• A responsive interface designed for the web
• Integrations supporting the Internet of Things and Machine to Machine

What are the benefits?
• Reduction in development time, cost and complexity
• Scalability and reliability
• Intelligent information management
• 24/7 access from any device
• Practical use of the data acquired from industrial machinery

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