Softarex Joins VentureChoice Incubation Program (VIP)

Softarex has been selected to join the VentureChoice Incubation Program that provides sponsoring investors and corporate clients with resources, expertise and exposure needed to identify, incubate, or acquire innovation-based technologies/ventures.

Softarex, a privately-held Software startup company based in Cyprus, announced today that it has been selected to join the VentureChoice Incubation Program (VIP) aiming to increase market visibility and move into the next phase of growth.

The VentureChoice VIP Program provides innovative startup companies with exposure to investment community and guidance to turn innovative business ideas into reality. The selected companies are provided with advice and support that assists their growth strategy.

"Through participation in the VentureChoice VIP program, we gain access to critical resources, exposure, and support from experienced industry veterans to execute on our growth plan", says Mr. Alexander Lipanov, inventor of codEnforcer.

CodEnforcer, the flagship product of Softarex, was launched earlier this month at DEMO conference Silicon Valley with the mission to dramatically increase productivity of software development teams and improve software quality.

The product is a cloud based service available through internet or which can be installed on corporate server that does automatic analysis of source code with 225 metrics and provides the user recommendations for possible ways to optimize or improve code architecture developed on C++, C#, JAVA, and PHP. It provides software developers with clear and concrete verbal recommendations to improve their source code. All selected by manager recommendations will be inserted directly into source code automatically and allow to developers implement such recommendations. codEnforcer can be connected to TFS, SVN and GitHub source code repositories for providing source code analysis based on schedule.

Softarex is seeking strategic partners and Investors to fund additional codEnforcer product development and set up sales offices in USA.

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