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Socky Dolls Make Great Stocking Fillers

With only 19 days till Christmas, the preparation has only just begun. The Christmas menu sorted, decorations purchased, Christmas cards sent but something's missing... the presents.

Some people may be expecting coal in their stockings this year, but for those who have been good, there's a perfect gift suited for young and the young at heart.

Check out the Socky Dolls™. A range of 6 cuddly and cute, yet wacky little characters with a hidden talent. Not only are these cuddly toys a great little companion day and night for any child (or adult too!) but they also double up as an aromatic, fully microwavable product to help ease aches and pains or just to snuggle into when chilly.

Children will enjoy the Socky Dolls story. Socky Dolls come from a magical world where your lost socks go to live. Where the sun always shines in a colourful make-believe land, the stripy gang of friends include the fun loving scamp; wag the dog, the mischievous Bandito, Diddly the mothering cow, Mr Hootle the wise old owl, Boo monster; the prankster of the group and hopping mad Bunty the bunny, you can only imagine the adventures and mishaps the Socky Dolls family get up to.

Whilst these little guys appeal to any gender and any age, they also specialise in helping you fight the cold whilst warming your heart. Simply heat the cosy character in the microwave for two minutes to release the soothing French lavender aroma and enjoy.

Retailing at £11.95, Socky Dolls are of a size and an accessible price point that makes for a successful stocking filler. The only issue might be choosing a favourite! Socky Dolls have been flying off retailer's shelves during this festive shopping period and are fast becoming a range to be collected. Buy online or in store at all reputable independent retailers.

Last day for placing trade orders in time for Christmas on Intelex website for Christmas is Wednesday 19th December 2012.

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